Bluewater 355e Reviews

Bluewater 355E
Bluewater’s new 355e can be rigged with twin or triple outboards and provides a wealth of fishing amenities for the hard-core tournament angler or the weekend warrior. The boat comes with massive livewell capacity in the form of an in-deck well that holds 90 gallons and a second, 60-gallon transom well that can be converted easily into two 30-gallon wells. Fish-box capacity is also plentiful, including five fully insulated boxes and a cavernous box in the bow. All of the fish boxes have dedicated macerator pumps.

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Blue Runner
Bluewater Boats’ new 355e combines high performance with high styling.
By Karl Anderson

It is generall y agred that a three-piece boat is stronger and offers more interior space for better fishability than a boat made from two parts. In three-piece construction for center consoles, there’s a hull, deck and ring deck as opposed to just a hull and inner-liner deck. The new 355e from Bluewater is a three-piece boat, a first from the company that has quietly built a name for itself since its inception in 1997 with well-built, clean and good-running boats. Utilizing the advantages of the three-piece construction system, the new 355e proves roomy and robust, and she’s loaded with features. With an all-new look for Bluewater, the boat has a very appealing, crisp shear line, a rakish stem and a deep deadrise throughout her bottom that provides a very nice ride.

The boat is strengthened by a one-piece “multiplex” stringer system with integrated molded storage boxes. Company owner Paul Skilowitz is deeply involved in the day-today operations at Bluewater as well as the design and development of the company’s products, having received formal training from the Westlawn School of Yacht Design.

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Bluewater 355e
If you want to be “in-the-know,” sea trial a Bluewater prior to purchasing your next boat. There’s nothing it doesn’t do well.
Oct 31, 2008
By Dean Travis Clarke

The quiet ones often surprise you. I consider Bluewater Boats one of those “quiet ones.” The company makes exceedingly excellent boats but doesn’t toot its own horn very loudly. But cognoscenti know that Bluewater builds very seaworthy vessels with everything you could want in a fishing boat — done perfectly — but with no extraneous fluff.

What a day! Wind 30 knots from the northeast and an outgoing tide caused breaking surf across the mouth of the Fort Pierce, Florida, inlet. Laying the 355e broadside to the breaking seas (not what builder Paul Skilowitz would have chosen to do), I discovered that the wide, flat chines of the 355e kept the roll moment fairly short, and transitions, though very noticeable, couldn’t be called uncomfortable. Heading back inside for speed trials, I discovered that heading down-sea in the six-footers, the 355e would start to swerve upon meeting the back of the next wave, and then stop. It could easily run with no hands on the wheel.

The 355e rose onto plane in about four seconds, hitting a top speed of 61.5 mph at 6,100 rpm, burning 74 gph. The factory claims to have hit 65 under ideal conditions, which we certainly didn’t have when we ran the 355e. Cruising along at 35 mph, we used a modest 23 gph for all three muscular Suzuki 300s — economy I’d call pretty frugal.

Trolling at 8 mph generates significant turbulence almost to the third wave back, but clear alleys showcase your lures.

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  1. When I worked for a Bluewater dealer when the customer test rode the boat on a rough day, they bought the boat.

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