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Bluewater 2850
A smart and speedy fishing boat based on sound philosophy. June 1, 2002
By : Glenn Law (More articles by this author)

The philosophy at Bluewater Boats is as simple, clean and solid as their products: work directly with the buyer, build a quality boat and maintain a high level of customer service. It’s a philosophy that has paid off for owner Paul Skilowitz. After six years in business, Skilowitz builds about 100 boats a year, with models ranging from 21 to 28 feet. The latest and largest addition to the Bluewater line is the 28-footer.

In designing the 2850, Skilowitz started with the very successful 25-footer. He stretched the hull and then tinkered with the console placement to achieve the same balance and beam-to-length ratio as the proven 25. Materials are modified poly resins, and the boat is cored throughout, except for the bottom. “I believe in a solid bottom on a high-speed boat,” Skilowitz explains.

The engine platform on the 28 is a bolt-on Armstrong, so the 2850 is actually 31 feet overall. This makes for a lot of interior space, which is enhanced by the one-piece deck and liner. The inside walls lie close to the hull sides, so there is no wasted space between the liner and hull. This design also makes the boat easy to clean.

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